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Ancillary Equipment

Precision Marine Survey routinely operates a variety of other survey equipment & can access specific equipment to satisfy the requirements of a particular project.

Crustacean shellfish parlour pots for stock assessment and toxicity studies (availability dependent on the scope and scale of studies).

100mm and 120mm multi-mesh gill nets, ideal for assessing migratory fish species, can be set within the inter-tidal zone or at sea to depths of 50m.

Independent Generators with muffled noise facility to allow soundless and non interference with other electrical systems

Konica Minolta Activa binoculars for marine mammal and fishing effort/activity surveys.

Digital imaging equipment including Konica Minolta Dimage Z6 and (2) Kodak Easyshare One Zoom cameras, video/DVD camera’s include; Panasonic VDR-D200 and Panasonic Mini DV

Access to a high-speed Lowestoft plankton trawl.

Access to RoxAnn SWATH Multi-beam Ground Discrimination System

Access to Tritech SeaKing Sidescan Towfish System (325khz)







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