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Precision Marine Survey Limited offer a diverse range of services to a range of clients, both commercial and statutory. Our capability and experience in marine surveying affords our survey design team and survey staff the necessary expertise to suit practically any survey component to statutory requirements, in line with national guidelines, addressing specific stakeholder concerns, whilst at the same time achieving the aims of the study/evaluation.

Given our extensive knowledge of the marine environment and an awareness of how offshore development and other human activities may interact with the marine environment, PMSL can assess any potential environmental impact and offer advice on potential mitigation measures as and when required.

 Examples of Projects

  • Underwater video & assessment of Annex 1 habitats (inc. Sabellaria reef & stony reef habitats for Humber Gateway and Dogger Bank offshore wind farms)
  • Benthic & Video survey for the Humber & Greater Wash Marine Aggregate Regional Environmental Assessment
  • Biotope survey of Robin Hoods Bay
  • Conservation assessment & data review for Loch Sween
  • Faunal analysis and video assessment for Loch Sween
  • Benthic survey and biotope assessment for proposed Biomass plant
  • Benthic survey & analysis of sediment contaminants for the Nigg Oil terminal (Cromarty Firth)
  • Fisheries liaison for Humber Gateway offshore wind farm
  • Fisheries liaison for Dogger Bank offshore wind farm
  • Fisheries liaison for Whitehills gas storage facility
  • Humber & Greater Wash Marine aggregate regional environmental assessment scoping study
  • Biotope survey of the Humber estuary
  • Faunal analysis from the Humber estuary, Severn estuary & river Stour
  • Underwater video survey for wind farm met mast installation
  • Assessments of fishing effort along the Yorkshire coast
  • Scoping studies for round 3 wind farms
  • Bathymetric & sidescan sonar surveys
  • Benthic surveys for renewable energy projects

Our principal staff have a wide experience of the relevant legislation which will help you to successfully manage your environmental impact on the marine environment, and communicate your aims to key stakeholders and the wider public in general.

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