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Senior Staff

Precision Marine Survey Limited includes a number of senior staff with over 20 years of experience in marine survey and research. Additional staff undertake boat surveys, laboratory and office based projects.

Nigel Proctor

Nigel has a wide range of experience (over 15 years) in benthic taxonomic analysis, (from England, Wales, Scotland and Ireland and North Sea coasts) and offshore sediment, plankton, epifaunal and fish surveys. Other research fields include estuarine and coastal fish and shellfish assemblages, commercial and recreational fisheries, evaluation of fishing activity and effort, and liaison with both commercial and recreational stakeholders. Other studies include crustacean stock assessments, field toxicology studies, migratory fish assessment, macrofaunal studies and the monitoring of fish impingement from industrial plants and the derivation of appropriate mitigation measures. Nigel is currently working on an assessment of the potential impacts of a proposed offshore wind farm to the marine ecology and stakeholders within the adjacent waters. Nigel is also an experienced diver well acquainted with underwater survey techniques, both within the UK and around the world.

Dr. James Allen

James is a marine scientist with particular interests in the analysis and modelling of marine communities, water quality and hydrodynamic processes. He has a wide experience in benthic and fish community studies and habitat mapping around the UK and is an experienced statistician and GIS operator. He also has extensive experience of intertidal and subtidal benthic survey work including tools such as AGDS, sidescan sonar and underwater video. James was one of the key authors of the recent (2004) revision of the subtidal and intertidal soft sediments biotope classification for the UK on behalf of the JNCC and has also developed predictive benthic invertebrate models (e.g. MARINPACS). James has undertaken a wide range of UK/European research projects in addition to commercial surveys and assessments in relation to proposed wind farm sites, aggregate extraction and other construction activities such as port developments. He has also undertaken marine modelling studies to assess the effects of industrial discharges on marine communities and is involved in a number of marine conservation projects for UK statutory agencies (e.g. NE, SNH & CCW).  He has also provided advice to government on the statistical rigour of offshore wind farm benthic monitoring strategies in addition to involvement in the formulation of guidelines for Annex I habitats.


Precision Marine also have an external Health and Safety advisor contracted to oversee HSE performance, policy statements and arrangements and provide guidance on current regulations. HSE policies are available on request.

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