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Underwater Video

Precision Marine Survey routinely operates an number of underwater video systems. For shallow water surveys where mobility and rapid deployment is essential (e.g. in areas of rough ground or underwater obstacle such as static gear PMSL use a lightweight drop down video. PMSL also utilise mini ROVs such as the VideoRay Pro GTE for detailed inspection tasks and can, if required, modify equipment to include USBL underwater position systems. All video is recorded to a Sony HDV (Hi definition) mini DV recorder with GPS overlay. The Lyyn T38 image processing system is also used for some assessments in areas of with increased turbidity/low light conditions. PMSL can also utilise a larger towed or drop down fixed digital stills/video camera for deeper water assessments.

SeaViewer 650 Colour drop-down or towed underwater video system. This video contains internal lights and a SeaTrak GPS overlay system and on board monitoring facility. This system is ideal for use over rough or irregular substrata, especially in close proximity to near shore scar grounds. The video can also be adapted for use in a towed sled or alternatively used as a drop down video or drfited just above the seabed.

PMSL are able to deploy this camera in conjunction with a 2m beam trawl to ground truth mobile epifaunal assemblages and seabed characteristics. The Drop Down and towed combination video camera system is rated to a depth of 300m.

More recently, PMSL have assisted one of our clients to deploy a seaviewer underwater video system in order to evaluate fish assemblages within a range of habitat types, by deploying the camera in a sled, and using a 'bait bag' to draw fish and macrocrustacea into the field of view.

Other recent projects include the use of drop down video to assess stony reef habitats and also ROV surveys for piling inspections and met-mast base inspections.






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