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Benthic Grabs and Trawls

Precision Marine Survey owns a number of grabs and trawls for benthic survey work and has access to other types of benthic sampling equipment should they be required. Thus equipment may be available for hire for external contract work.

0.1m² Day benthic grab with associated cabling, easy deployment arm, 1mm and 0.5mm sieves, sieve stand and hopper.

PMSL also owns a mini Hamon grab and also has access to Shipek and box corers (Reineck), which are available as and when, specified by the client.

Reineck box corer being deployed off the Dutch Coast aboard the Maggie M MBE.

A 2m scientific beam trawl with 10mm cod end inner sleeve is routinely used for a number of ecological assessments. A range of other beam trawls are available depending on requirements, however, vessel suitability and availability dictate the deployment of larger beam trawls.

PMSL also operate a 2m Otter trawl with 6mm cod end inner sleeve for some assessments. A range of other otter trawls, including CEFAS Fast Bass style otter trawls, are available depending on requirements. However, the deployment of large otter trawls is dictated by vessel suitability and availability.




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