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Habitat & Biotope Mapping

Staff at PMSL have a wide range of experience in the mapping of intertidal and subtidal habitats and analysis of biotope distribution. Such work ranges from assessment of subtidal habitats using grab, trawl or video survey (in conjunction to acoustic survey techniques) to intertidal mapping studies following standard MNCR methodologies using GPS data loggers and aerial photography in conjunction with core sampling.

One of the senior staff at PMSL is a co-author of the current JNCC UK Marine Habitat Classification* and worked closely with JNCC to carry out the review of the subtidal and intertidal sediment section of the classification.

Key staff at PMSL have experience of biotope mapping in a variety of UK habitats having undertaken surveys for Natural England, SNH and CCW including:

  • Humber estuary
  • Dee estuary
  • Carmarthen Bay
  • Solway
  • Ribble estuary
  • Lindisfarne & Budle Bay
  • Yorkshire Coast
  • Norfolk Coast

Staff at PMSL have also provided guidance on the derivation of UK biotope codes from existing survey data for a variety of commercial and conservation assessments.

PMSL are currently involved in assessment to define stony reef habitats - an important component of forthcoming offshore SACs and have also been involved in the derivation of guidelines and definitions for such habitats.

* Connor D, Allen J.H., Golding N, Lieberknecht L, Northen K, Reker J. 2003. The National Marine Habitat Classification for Britain and Ireland Version 03.02 C 2003. JNCC, Peterborough ISBN 1 86107 546 4.

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