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Benthic Survey

Precision Marine Survey have a wide experience of sampling various seabed types using a range of sampling devices. Our dedicated inshore survey vessel is capable of deploying a 0.1m2 Day grab or Shipek grab, although for larger grabs (Hamon) and sizeable corers (Reineck) a larger vessel will be required. We also routinely carry out underwater video assessments using drop-down video, towed video or ROV for both commercial and research/conservation projects.

PMS has access to a wide range of suitable vessels and can provide vessel management if required including the provision and co-ordination of guard vessels or multiple survey platforms.

Precision Marine's key staff have project managed and completed numerous benthic surveys around the coast of the United Kingdom and the coast of the Netherlands. With experience of over 50 benthic surveys using Day, Shipek, Hamon and van Veen grabs, in addition to box corers, for a range of projects.

PMSL benthic survey expertise covers a range of survey types including

  • Offshore Renewable Industry
  • Aggregate Extraction
  • Gas Storage Facility
  • Coastal Discharges
  • Extension of Port Facilities
  • Marine Conservation Objectives
  • Sub-sea Cabling
  • Beach Nourishment
  • Conservation Assessments

Such work is often carried out in conjunction with video and/or trawl surveys. PMSL also offer dedicated faunal analysis and subsequent statistical interpretation including identification of marine biotopes and habitat classification. PMSL have access to a wide variety of statistical software and have also provided expert guidance on sampling protocols which may also include power analysis to assess sampling effort required for a specific objective (e.g. detection of spatial or temporal change or impact assessments using the BACI approach). PMSL can also offer bespoke biological modelling to assist in the management of sensitive benthic habitats or communities.


As a member of the NMBAQC, PMSL routinely participates in ring tests to assess performance with regard to laboratory practices (sample sorting and identification) and also undertakes a variety auditing procedures for benthic samples processed in-house for commercial or conservation purposes including internal QA and externally audited samples.

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