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Equipment & Facilities

Precision Marine Survey Limited operate from newly constructed facilities outside Hull on the north bank of the Humber estuary making us ideally placed for survey work within the North Sea but we also operate around the UK and Europe. Our main offices include extensive store rooms for survey equipment and benthic samples, a wet room for sample processing, a fully equipped laboratory for faunal analysis and well appointed offices with a suite of computing facilities and networked storage with a variety of in-house data processing and GIS software. Our inshore vessel Lizzard is an 8m survey catamaran with extended wheel house, 240v AC power suitable for a variety of survey equipment and lifting gear for trawls/grabs is based at Bridlington but may be rapidly deployed around the country by trailer.


  •  2 Large well appointed offices
  • Wet Room (sample processing)
  • Laboratory
  • Store rooms


  • Inshore survey vessel
  • Benthic grabs (hamon grab, day grab)
  • Trawls
  • Static fishing gear
  • Underwater drop down video & Sony HDV mini DV recorder. Sea-Trak GPS video overlay
  • Thales Mobile Mapper pro GPS loggers & Bluetooth GPS data logger
  • Ruggedised survey laptops
  • Underwater laser measuring devices
  • YSI 6600 multiparameter water quality sonde
  • Fixed viewpoint underwater video
  • Variety of statistical and GIS software (including MapInfo v9, Primer v6 with Permanova)

Precision Marine also have a wide range of equipment available for use within its survey programme's which may also be available for hire on a weekly basis. The survey vessel Lizzard is also available for hire for survey work and is fully coded to MGN280 (the new harmonised workboat code).

Precision Marine Survey
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