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Physical Surveys & Modelling

PMSL have the capability to undertake a range of physical surveys ranging from water quality monitoring, plume tracking, marine instrument deployment, AGDS, sidescan sonar and bathymetric or intertidal topographic monitoring. PMSL can also offer hydrodynamic & contaminant dispersion modelling. PMSL staff have experience of thermal plume modelling from a number of UK power stations and have also undertaken brine discharge modelling for solute mining (gas storage) and other contaminant modelling using 2D and 3D finite element modelling techniques for mid to far field predictions or near field dispersion modelling using models such as CORMIX.

Water Quality Sampling

PMSL are able to offer detailed water quality sampling either using a YSI 6600 sonde or other types of sampling equipment. The 6600 sonde is a multiparameter probe that allows for the collection of physico-chemical data from the water column and its deployment from surface to seabed provides a profile of data for water quality parameters (e.g. Temperature, Conductivity, pH, Salinity, %DO etc.).

Acoustic Ground Discrimination

Precision Marine can utilise acoustic ground discrimination systems (AGDS), such as RoxAnn, to enable an evaluation of seabed characteristics prior to more intrusive sampling. Such acoustic surveys can maximise subsequent data collation (ground truthing) by targeting substrata conducive to traditional monitoring methods (grab sampling), and by providing data overlay for development areas.

Sidescan Sonar & Bathymetric Surveys

PMSL can also undertake sidescan sonar and bathymetric surveys for commerical or research purposes. Topographic surveys of intertidal areas can also be undertaken using real time kinematic GPS.

Deployment of Marine Instrumentation

PMSL have extensive experience in the deployment and maintenance of a variety of marine instrumentation including current meters, ADCP, in-situ water quality sondes and other equipment.

Plume tracking

PMSL can deploy fixed or roving water quality probes to monitor thermal/saline plumes in real time. This can also be backed up with dye tracing studies and the collection of other environmental data during associated surveys to calibrate and validate modelling studies.


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