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Commercial Fisheries & Fish Ecology

Precision Marine staff have particular expertise in the field of natural fish ecology with key staff having over 15 years of field experience. PMSL staff have carried out a considerable number of demersal and pelagic surveys of fish assemblages throughout the UK, whilst having significant experience of fish surveys within the eastern Indian Ocean and Red Sea coasts.

Fish form a vital constituent of marine, coastal and estuarine faunal assemblages although their usage of particular habitats (spawning, feeding and nursery areas) may not be so clearly defined. Precision Marine staff have considerable experience of characterisation surveys, especially in relation to the functionality of an area or habitat, seasonality and the interaction between benthic and demersal species of fish and fauna.

PMSL also carry out full commercial fisheries assessments for marine developments and can also provide Fisheries Liaison Officers for such developments - a task PMSL are currently providing for a number of offshore projects including offshore wind and gas storage projects.

PMSL staff also have particular expertise in the design of fish and crustacean surveys, and have a wide range of experience with the majority of sampling gears;

  • Otter trawls (2m to large rockhopper gears)
  • Beam trawls (2m to 8m V rigs)
  • Pair and twin rigged trawls
  • Static gill nets (trammel nets and single wall gill nets)
  • High lifting static nets
  • Seine nets (purse or sandeel)
  • Long lines

Precision Marine survey have assisted CEFAS staff with the capture of bass (Dicentrarchus labrax) in order to facilitate the attachment of electronic data storage tags (EDST). This research will assist scientists in recording the temporal and spatial migratory movement of sea bass in the North Sea.



PMSL staff are also involved in a variety of conservation assessments such as the tagging through catch and release of tope (Galeorhinus galeus), this activity is in conjunction with the UK Shark Tagging programme sponsored by WWF.

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