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Survey capabilities

Marine and estuarine survey forms a key part of the services offered by PMSL with staff having over 20 years experience in a variety of marine survey disciplines including biological surveys, physico-chemical surveys, geophysical surveys and commercial fishing studies.

The main survey areas undertaken by PMSL include the following:

Ecological Surveys

Subtidal Infaunal Benthic surveys; Using a range of benthic grabs available (Day, van Veen, Hamon, Shipek) and a range of Box Corers (Reineck) – dependant on clients or regulators specification

Intertidal infaunal surveys; Using a range of corers

Biotope and habitat mapping surveys

Epifaunal surveys;Generally a 2-m beam trawl, however, 4-m to 6-m shrimp trawls may be used if applicable

Fish surveys; A wide range of gears can be deployed dependent on target species, ground, user conflicts etc. (Otter, beam (range of sizes), long lining, static gill and trammel nets (subtidal and intertidal), seine netting.

Fish Impingement studies

Biological macro-fouling assessments

Crustacean shellfish surveys;Parlour pots, fine meshed pots, standard creel's, inkwell pots, prawn traps

Plankton surveys; To determine larval fish and or shellfish

Diver surveys; To carry out biological assessment of sub-surface structures, collection of seabed cores for faunal analysis, biotope assessments, etc.)

Video Evaluation of habitat and associated fauna, fish and shellfish assemblages

Physical Surveys

Ground discrimination surveys (AGDS)

Sidescan sonar surveys

Bathymetric surveys

Water Quality Assessment Depth profiling of Physico-chemical parameters

Ecotoxicology Assessments (in house direct assessment of residue, and in situ field evaluation)

Commercial and Recreational fisheries surveys


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